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Get content in front of customers on search and social media while developing new streams of revenue.

Reach your customers with promotional material from AutoBrief where it counts. We work directly with dealerships on your behalf to get digital signage and video in front of customers on channels that are often overlooked.

Highlight promotional signage and videos on your dealership’s Google listing.

Take advantage of the #1 placement for your promotional materials. We work directly with dealerships on your behalf to gain access to their Google listing, updating the featured photos and posts to include digital content that highlights offers, promotions, special events and more. At the end of each promotional period, we provide a report that breaks down the number of views for each piece of promotional content.

Why is this placement so important? Because nearly every low-funnel customer is going to see these placements when they get directions to your dealership through Google. Take advantage of this activity by notifying them of offers, promotions or special events before they even walk in the door.

Fully managed digital advertising campaigns.

We can create, execute and monitor highly targeted digital advertising campaigns with dealerships on your behalf—on a surprisingly low budget. Reach your customers online with a variety of targeted interests and activities, specific to location (down to 1 mile), car brand, age and more. Optimize campaigns to reach as many customers as possible, while limiting the number of times you show an ad to each person. We can create ads that generate video views, website traffic, lead form submissions, offer claims and more—the possibilities are endless!

At the end of each campaign, we provide a detailed report of performance.

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