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How it works:

Our goal is to create the highest quality video and digital content efficiently, effectively, and affordably. Video content can be expensive and take a long time to produce. We want to change that. In order to meet the quickly changing needs of the automotive industry, we created AutoBrief, to deliver the message you need at the time you need it, without breaking the bank.


Step 1: Subscribe

When you subscribe to Autobrief, you’ll receive information on how to best utilize digital content throughout the buying cycle, where to place it (POS, Online, Social Media, Website) and some ideas to think about for our upcoming strategy and design meeting. You will also begin to receive exclusive offers on other digital content available only to subscribers.


Step 2: Strategize

We schedule a 30 minute strategy and design meeting to discuss your sales objectives, and put together a video and digital signage strategy that best suits your dealerships needs.  We then review what your videos will look like, and collect brand assets such as logos and design materials.

Step 3: Approve

Here we finalize your digital brief, including video strategy, design, and brand assets used to produce your content, and make any final adjustments needed to ensure its smooth sailing once we begin. Remember, our motto is quick, easy and affordable!

Step 4: Order

A quick 30 minute tutorial shows you how to use our online order form and submit a content request to expedite the process going forward. We want to get your team back to what they do best—selling automobiles! You will receive production ready files in multiple formats for display on television, web, social platforms, and print production.

Now we’re ready to rock! At this point we have a blueprint for your digital strategy, all your design materials and your content will be delivered each week for the duration of your contract. We think it’s pretty slick, and hope you do too!

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