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Video & Digital Signage for Automotive Retailers…
Made Quick and Easy!

Video & Digital Signage for Automotive Retailers…
Made Quick and Easy!

Videos Starting at $399/mo.

We make digital content for every stage of the buying process: Sales, Service, Finance, Retention and Training!

Some of Our Clients

We’re a team of digital designers and video creators.

You need a video. We make videos. Our team of professional designers and video creators will help communicate your dealerships message for every stage of the sales cycle. We make things easy, and work directly with you every step of the way—from idea generation to completed video.

AutoBrief has taken our business to the next level with a consistent uniform branding message that is unique and impactful in the current market place! We feel like it’s the secret sauce to being a leader in our business and has contributed to our success as largest Buick/GMC dealer last 4 years running!

Charlie Gatrell

General Manager, Buick/GMC Dealership

The Style

Create a better customer experience with digital content for every stage of the buying process, branded exclusively for your dealership!

How it Works

We make it quick and easy!


Step 1: Subscribe

When your dealership subscribes to Autobrief, we start by sending you information on how to best optimize your digital content throughout the buying cycle, where to place it (POS, Online, Social Media, Website) and give you some ideas to think about for our upcoming strategy and design meeting. You will also begin to receive exclusive offers on other digital content only available to subscribers.


Step 2: Strategize

We schedule 30 minute meeting to discuss design and strategy options, from what your videos will look like, collect and brand assets such as logos and talk over your objective so we can put together a video and digital signage strategy that best suits your dealerships needs. Payment is securely released upon completion.

Step 3: Approve

Here we finalize your digital brief, including video strategy, design, and brand assets used to produce your content, and make any final adjustments needed to ensure its smooth sailing once we begin. Remember, our motto is quick, easy and affordable!

Step 4: Order

We walk you through a quick 30 minute tutorial showing how to use our online order form and submit a content request to expedite the process going forward and get your team back to what they do best—selling automobiles! You will receive Production ready files in multiple formats for display on television, web, and print production, and copyright/ownership is all yours!

Now we’re ready to rock! At this point we have all your design materials, a blueprint for your digital strategy, and your content will be delivered on the 1st of every month for the duration of your contract. We think it’s pretty slick, and hope you do too!

Like what you see? Get in touch with us!

Connect with us today, to set up your account and access our strategy suggestions and video order form that walks you through the simple process of creating the perfect message to address your dealerships needs. We will respond to all requests within 24 hours.