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What makes AutoBrief different from other video services?

While digital content is becoming essential to every marketing strategy, it’s expensive and risky to produce. In order to increase value and make video more cost-effective, the AutoBrief strategy implements economies of scale into our production process. This creates operational efficiency and allows us to pass cost savings along to the dealerships we service.

In addition, AutoBrief is one of the only video service providers that focuses exclusively on the automotive industry. This means the content and messaging specifically address pain points within the car-buying process.

How is the AutoBrief service customized to individual dealerships?

Every dealership operates a little differently. We customize and deliver content to address your specific needs.

We begin our relationship by working with your dealership to develop a unique strategy that will maximize your ROI. After determining which videos will best service your dealership, we deliver your unique set of AutoBrief videos complete with your branding and customized messaging. Over the course of your subscription, we continue to work with you to update and customize your videos with monthly ads and specials.

What are some ways to use AutoBrief?

AutoBrief is designed to be flexible and the videos serve a range of purposes. They can be used as marketing tools to promote your brand and services to your customers. Some are training and recruitment videos to enforce policy within your internal staff. Others can be used at point of purchase to guide the customer through the process, or to educate and inform your customers in order to drive revenue to your service department.

AutoBrief is designed to be used through multiple delivery channels throughout the car-buying process. The videos can be screened on iPads at point of purchase, linked on social media for your customers, and emailed internally to engage your staff.

Why do iPads come with the AutoBrief service?

One of the most valuable ways to use AutoBrief is to implement it into the sales cycle. The AutoBrief iPads allow you to digitally engage with your customers during the buying process and at point of purchase.

What additional digital content do you produce?

We shoot commercials, vehicle walkarounds, and create online tutorials to help customers navigate dealer websites.

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